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Steps to Setup Your Amazon Fire tv Stick

steps to Setup Your Amazon Fire tv Stick to associate the gadget to your television, and match the remote.

Control rope from the back of the gadget or from the divider outlet. You can likewise put the gadget into Rest mode: From the Home screen, go to Settings > Framework > Rest.

What You Need

This is what you have to set up your Fire television Stick:

  • Good TV (avoided) – Fire TV Stick devices are immaculate with first class and ultra unrivaled quality TVs with an HDMI input port.
  • Web Affiliation (prohibited) – You should interface your device to a Wi-Fi organize, so you can complete setup and access most of the substance available on Amazon Fire TV.
  • Amazon account – You ought to select your device to your Amazon record to guarantee you can get to your substance and all the latest programming, features, and convenience that power Amazon Fire TV. In case you don’t start at now have an Amazon account, you can make one in the midst of the setup methodology.

Setup Your Amazon Fire tv Stick

Take after these means to set up your Fire television Stick:

Associate the power connector – Fitting the little end of the USB control line into the Miniaturized scale USB port on your Fire television Stick, and the opposite end into the power connector. At that point, connect the power connector to an electrical plug.


Note: We suggest that you utilize the included power connector when setting up your gadget. Though a couple of TVs have filled USB ports, there may not be adequate power for Fire TV Stick to work authentically. Do whatever it takes not to relate Fire TV Stick through an unpowered HDMI focus point or switch, as this can impact the device’s execution.

Associate with your television – Connect your Fire television Adhere to an accessible HDMI port on your television. We suggest utilizing the included HDMI extender or connector to ensure that your Fire television Stick fits safely into your television.

Tip: Recall which HDMI port you used to associate your Fire television Stick. You should choose the comparing input channel on your television for the following stage.

Select the info channel for your Fire television Stick – Turn on your television and select the HDMI input station for the port you used to associate your Fire television Stick. A stacking screen shows up with the Fire television Stick logo.

Set up your remote – Embed the included batteries into your remote:

Use your thumbs to apply weight on the bolt on the back of the remote. Press up until the point that the entire back cover slides up to some degree.

Lift the back conceal and far from the remote.

Insert the two AAA batteries.

Reposition the back cover onto the remote, and slide down to adjust it properly.

Tip: For more data about setting up and utilizing your remote (counting insights about other Fire television remote models), go to Amazon Fire television Remote Nuts and bolts.

Get Amazon Fire tv Stick:

Combine you’re remote – Once You Installed the batteries, automatically your Fire TV Stick will Coordinates. In the event that your remote doesn’t unite quickly, press and hold the Home secure for to 10 zones to send it to “disclosure mode” so you can finish the planning system.

Interface with the web – Take after the on-screen guidelines to associate your Fire television Adhere to the web, by means of a Wi-Fi association. For more data, go to Set Up Your Wi-Fi Association.

Tip: A “Spare Wi-Fi Passwords to Amazon” alternative shows up amid the first-time setup. This alternative enables you to safely transfer your Wi-Fi organize watchword with Amazon. To take in more, go to Sparing Your Wi-Fi Passwords to Amazon FAQs.

Enroll your gadget – Take after the on-screen guidelines to enlist your Fire television Adhere to your Amazon account. To take in more, go to Enroll or Deregister Your Amazon Fire television.

Begin – After you finish setup, a fast “Welcome” video demonstrates to tips on best practices to utilize your Fire television Stick. To take in more, look at Amazon Fire television Menu Nuts and bolts and Explore Your Amazon Fire television.

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